How do I connect to my Thinkware F800 Pro via Hotspot with an iPhone?

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Connecting to your Thinkware F800 Pro was a smartphone hotspot is crucial for registration and accessing the Cloud Features. 

Please follow the instructions below to connect via Hotspot for the first time:

Connecting via Hotspot (iOS)

  1. Open the Thinkware Cloud App and Tap the “Not Connected” Bar
  2. Select Add a New Connection > (Dash Cam Model) > Hotspot > First Time Connecting- Yes
  3. Press the Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi Button
  4. Connect to the Thinkware Wi-Fi Network then reopen the Thinkware Cloud App
  5. Press Next, and input your phone’s Hotspot SSID (username) and password
  6. Reopen the Thinkware Cloud App and press Next
  7. Turn on your phone’s Hotspot in Settings and Do not leave this settings screen**********
  8. Once the Blue Bar appears at the top of the screen saying 1 Connection, open the Thinkware Cloud App.
  9. You are now Connected via Hotspot
When the Dash Cam is searching for your phone's Hotspot, Do Not leave the iPhone's Hotspot Settings Screen until connected. If you enter the Thinkware Cloud App prematurely, this disrupts the connection and you will need to begin this process over again.
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