What type of SIM card should I ask for to use with my BlackVue LTE model/module?

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If you have recently purchased a CM100 LTE module, or LTE BlackVue model, then you'll likely need a SIM card to properly use the cloud feature these are for. This will be supplied by your Cell-Service provider, or another local provider. Here are some of the providers we recommend.

  • Canada: Bell, Rogers & Telus
  • United States: AT&T & T-Mobile

Now, you'll need to know what type of SIM card to ask for as well. The specific type of SIM card you need is a data-only SIM card, with a 4G connection. If your Cell-Service provider gets confused, frame it as if you are getting a SIM card for a tablet; it's the exact same type of card.

Generally, these cameras don't use too much data, and 2-3 GBs of data a month is plenty. (for more detailed specifications check out our article here)

5G cards have been known to cause issues, it is recommended to stick with 4G cards.

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