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Are there any disadvantages to using the IROAD OBD-II power cable?Updated a year ago

The short answer is no! There are no large disadvantages to using the IROAD OBD-II power cable, it does not draw more power than a basic hardwire, and does not detract from parking mode itself. The IROAD OBD-II power cable is a great way to allow for a plug-and-play Thinkware system, without losing those important parking mode features.

With that being said, there are some negative factors worth considering.

1. The OBD cable is more expensive than the hardwire cable.

2. The OBD cable is slightly thicker than the hardwire kit, making it slightly more difficult to install through the frame of the vehicle. This is most important in European cars, which naturally have slim frames.

3. Sometimes there are vehicle incompatibilities with certain vehicle models. If this is a concern feel free to contact our support team who can check if there are known issues with your model.

4. It's important that you select the Non-electric or Electric vehicle version of this cable for your appropriate vehicle. The wrong cable will not work with the wrong vehicle.

You can read more about this cable here.

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