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Do the BlackVue Box units use the same wiring and cameras?Updated 5 months ago

While the BlackVue Box units use all the same wiring, the main cameras between systems are not interchangeable.

The hardwire kit, external GPS, CM100 LTE module, and camera connection cables are all the same between all BlackVue Box models.

If you, for example, have a DR770X Box 3CH setup, and would like to upgrade to the 4k front camera of the DR970X Box 2CH, then this is not an option, and the box unit of the DR770X will reject the front camera of the DR970X. This rejection will result in a periodic series of beeps from the box unit. 

 This means that you are currently unable to use the DR970X Box as a 3-channel setup, nor are you able to add a 4k camera to the DR770X Box. 


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