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Does the A139 have parking mode?Updated a year ago

Yes, the VIOFO A139 3-CH offers parking mode recording.

With motion and impact detection parking mode, the A139 Plus protects your car, recording videos when it detects movement or impact, even when you're not there.

You will need the new VIOFO HK-3C Hardwiring cable or an external battery pack (such as the BlackboxMyCar BI-750 Dash Cam Battery Pack) to enable this feature.

Buffered parking mode is not supported on the VIOFO A139.

VIOFO HK-3C Hardwiring Cable is sold separately. You can add one to your A139 3-CH order using the options menu on the product page.
The VIOFO A139 3-CH is not compatible with the old VIOFO 3-Wire Hardwiring Kit.

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