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Does the VIOFO A139 Pro have low voltage cut off options?Updated a year ago

Yes, the VIOFO A139 Pro does have low-voltage cut-off options, which are built into the hardwire kit of the camera. These are manually changed through the voltage cut-off box located on the hardwire kit itself.

The VIOFO A139 Pro has low-voltage cut-off options, ranging from 11.8V, 12V, 12.2V, 12.4V. These low voltage selectors refer to the different voltage thresholds at which the dash cam's hardwiring kit will automatically cut off power to the dash cam to protect your vehicle's battery from draining too low. This feature is designed to prevent your car's battery from getting excessively discharged while still allowing the dash cam to operate and record when your vehicle's engine is off.

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