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My BlackVue DR900S dash cam is overheating and shutting down. How do I fix it?Updated a year ago

The BlackVue DR900S Series is designed to work up to 167 degrees F. You do not have to worry about the temperature affecting the dashcam, because when it reaches the high temperature cut-off, It will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the camera.

Common Overheating Solutions

There are known common factors that may cause the dash cam to overheat like continuous Wi-Fi usage, parking the car under direct sunlight with camera on for long hours etc. Here are some solutions that we offer our customers:

  1. Your vehicle can be a heat box when all there is no ventilation. This is also why we never recommend leaving your pet / child in the car! If your dash cam is overheating, then one way you can try is leaving a slight gap in your car windows to dissipate the heat.
  2. If you find yourself parking in the sun, that could be another reason why your dash cam is overheating. Try to not park directly in the sunlight. If there is no shade available, change the position of your car to not get direct sunlight exposure.
  3. We do not recommend using sun reflector on your windshield. This reflects a lot of heat onto the windshield and, in turn, onto the dash cam.
  4. Last but not least, this is more technical solution so we would not recommend it unless you are entirely confident in your technical abilities (plus, please be aware that this may void your warranty as it requires opening your dash cam unit), to add a heat sink to your device.

We hope this helps, and make sure to be careful on the road!

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