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How do I format the memory card on the Thinkware Q800PRO?Updated a year ago

Important Note:

  • Before proceeding with a memory card format, please save any videos you wish to keep onto your personal computer or mobile device. A memory card format will delete all video files from your memory card.

Formatting Using PC Viewer

  1. Click Format.
  2. A screen will appear to ask whether you want to continue with formatting the memory card, click Yes to format or select No to cancel.

Formatting using the Dash cam

  1. Insert the power cable into the DC-IN port located on the right side when the rear of the dash cam unit is facing you.
  2. Plug the other end into a 12V DC vehicle power socket (skip step if hardwired).
  3. Turn the ignition key to ACC or start the engine.
  4. Wait until the device powers up and notifies you that “Continuous recording will now start”.
  5. Press and hold the Format button to initiate a memory card format.
Note: You will hear a voice notification that the memory card will be formatted.
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