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How do I activate the dash cam with my SIM card?Updated a year ago

To activate SIM, your SIM card must be inserted into your BlackVue DR750-LTE dash cam. You can use the SIM tray removal tool included in the box to remove the SIM tray.

A. Connect to your dashcam via Wi-Fi direct

  1. Wi-Fi direct will automatically turn on once you plug in power to start your dashcam.
  2. “Pair” your smartphone with the BlackVue dashcam via Wi-Fi direct. If you want to disconnect Wi-Fi direct, please press Wi-Fi button and vice versa.
  3. Go to your smartphone’s settings then select Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Choose your BlackVue dashcam from the network list. The dashcam’s default SSID begins with its model number (e.g. BlackVue ****-******).
  4. Enter the password and tap join. The default Wi-Fi SSID and password are printed on the dashcam’s label.

B. Activate your SIM card

  1. Open the BlackVue app and select WiFi
  2. In order to set APN automatically, click on the search icon to get the network carrier list. If you select your network carrier, APN setting information will auto-fill in the SIM card activation page.
  3. If your carrier is not shown on the list, please select “Other network carrier”. You can manually set APN by filling in the APN information.

Once the settings are saved, the dashcam should connect to Cloud within few seconds. If dashcam fails to connect to Cloud, please check the APN settings or contact customer support.

Now you can go to BlackVue app > Cloud and start using Cloud service features such as Remote Live View and Video Playback, Real-time Location, Auto-upload, Remote Firmware Update, and etc.

If your SIM card is PIN or PUK locked, enter its code as provided in your SIM card package.

You can download the BlackVue SIM Activation Guide here.

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