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How do I activate the SIM card?Updated a year ago

You can follow these steps to activate your SIM card:

  1. Open the BlackVue app and select BLACKVUE WIFI > SIM card activation
  1. In the "APN settings" menu, select your SIM provider and press OK.

Once the settings are saved, the dashcam should connect to Cloud within few seconds. If dashcam fails to connect to Cloud, please check the APN settings or contact the customer support.

Now you can go to BlackVue app > BLACKVUE CLOUD and start using Cloud service features such as remote Live View and Video playback, Real-time location, push notification, Auto-upload, remote Firmware update etc.

To use the BlackVue Cloud service, your SIM card must be properly activated for Internet access via LTE network.
Some Cloud features may not work when surrounding temperature is high and/or LTE speed is slow.

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