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How do I register for a BlackVue Over the Cloud account?Updated a year ago

Please refer to the below instructions on how to register for the BlackVue Cloud service:

  1. Open the BlackVue smartphone app and select "BlackVue Cloud"
  2. Log into your account and tap yes to receiving push notifications
  3. Select register new camera
  4. Register your camera by:
    1. QR code - press scan QR code and line up the QR code onto your smartphone's screen - the QR code is located on the front unit. You may need to remove the unit from the front mount to access the QR code.
    2. Manual registration - enter your camera's serial number and cloud code, then press register

Please note that if you do not have a QR code or a cloud code, you can request this information from BlackVue by emailing them at [email protected]. Include in the email your unit's serial number and the SSID.

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