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How do I use BlackVue Over the Cloud?Updated a year ago

Steps to register a hotspot/router to let your Cloud-compatible BlackVue connect to the Cloud:

  1. Power your BlackVue dashcam.
  2. Power the Wi-Fi hotspot/router you will pair with your BlackVue.
  3. Connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi from your phone's Wi-Fi settings menu.
  4. Open the latest version of the BlackVue App.
  5. Go to BLACKVUE WI-FI > Camera settings (Gear icon) > Firmware settings > Cloud settings > Cloud service hotspot settings > Select your Wi-Fi hotspot/router which should appear in the list and fill in the password. Alternatively, you can enter manually the router’s SSID (network name) and password. You can register up to 3 Wi-Fi hotspots. 
  6. Go back until prompted to save and choose save to apply the changes to your dashcam.

With the BlackVue Viewer:

  1. Take out the microSD card from your BlackVue dashcam and insert it in your computer (you might need a SD card adapter or microSD USB reader). 
  2. Open the BlackVue Viewer.
  3. Click on Settings. 
  4. Click on the Firmware tab. 
  5. Click on Cloud. 
  6. Enter your hotspot/router’s SSID (network name) and password (you can register up to 3 hotspots).
  7. Click “Save and Close”

Here's a video tutorial by Blackvue:

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