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How do I use the Bluetooth of the PowerCell 8?Updated 12 days ago

PowerCell 8 comes with Bluetooth built-in and shares the same Cellink NEO Plus Battery Manager App, available free from both the Apple Store and Google Play store. 

The Battery Manager App allows you to manage the settings and check the battery performance with just a few taps of your finger, even if the PowerCell 8 is installed out of sight.

You can use the Battery Manager App to check remaining capacity or time to full charge control settings like charging current, voltage cutoff, LED indicators.

If you are having difficulty connecting to the PowerCell 8's Bluetooth connection, please try: 

  • Restarting the PowerCell 8
  • Ensuring that you are in-range of the PowerCell 8
  • Ensuring you are not connected to the Bluetooth of the battery in the Bluetooth settings of your phone
  • Resetting your Bluetooth connections

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