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How much data do I need?Updated a year ago

You are only using data when you're connected to the Cloud - video recording does not require data. In other words, until you connect to the Cloud, you're not using any data.

With that said, how much data you need depends on how often you connect to the Cloud. Here are some basic data consumption estimates from BlackVue:

Remote Live View

  • 1-min = 4.5MB
  • 1-hr = 270MB
  • 24 hours = 6.48GB

Live Auto-Upload

  • 1-min = 4.5MB
  • 1-hr = 270MB
  • 24 hours = 6.48GB



  • Extreme = 187.2MB
  • Highest/Sport = 93.5MB
  • High = 78.9MB
  • Normal = 63.4MB


  • Extreme = 78.9MB
  • Highest = 78.9MB
  • High = 63.4MB
  • Normal = 47.7MB

In other words, if you’re a light Cloud-user and/or you only use the Cloud for remote live view or as a backup storage, then you can get by with 2GB a month. However, if you are always connected to the Cloud, utilizing all the Cloud features to the max, then we recommend a data subscription plan that gives you more GB (ie. 4GB). It’s also a good idea to inquire about over-usage charges, or on-demand upgrades.

Also, do note that Blackvue has a cap on Cloud features based on the plan you're on.

So, if you're a light user and/or you're on the Free plan, there is really no reason why you need to sign up for an expensive 4+ GB data subscription plan, unless you're planning on using the dash cam as a mobile hotspot as well.

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