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Is the Apeman OBD-II power cable compatible with Viofo cameras?Updated a year ago

Yes, the Apeman OBD-II Power Cable is compatible with certain Viofo models!

This OBD cable is compatible with the: Viofo A129 Plus, and Viofo A119 V3+.

This OBD cable is not compatible with the: Viofo A129, and Viofo A129 Pro.

This will provide these cameras with parking mode and voltage protection when the car is turned off, as long as parking mode is enabled in the settings of the dash cam.

With a smart low voltage protection system, the cable will power off automatically when the battery voltage is lower than 11.5V, thus preventing it draining the battery.

There are no powering disadvantages to using an OBD cable compared to the hardwire kit.

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