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How do I change the dash cam recording resolution?Updated a year ago

The U1000 Front Camera has two options for the resolution it can record at.  Either Native 4k @ 30fps, or 2k @ 60fps. 

Why are more frames per second beneficial?

Downscaling the footage to 2k @ 60fps rather than recording in 4k @ 30 fps can be beneficial for smoother-looking footage. 

60 frames per second ensures that the video clips appear smoother because there are twice the number of still frames every second compared to 30 Frames per second. Recording at a Higher FPS is best for capturing details when in motion, as well as combating Motion Blur.

Why should I record @ 30fps? 

Even though the image will not appear as smooth as the 60 fps resolution, 4K Footage has twice the number of pixels than 2K, resulting in a much more detailed video clip. 

The clarity of the 4K Image is perfect for recording in Parking Mode, especially in low-light conditions. The 4K resolution ensures a crystal-clear image which can help to identify a suspicious person around your vehicle or property. 

What resolution should I use? 

Ultimately, the choice of resolution is up to you. If you are using the Dash Cam primarily for capturing vandals, or incidents while away, 4K may be right for you. However, if you are looking for a smooth video for capturing details while in motion, 2K may be best. We recommend testing both of the options in your vehicle, to determine what your preference is. 

How to access the Downscale Settings.

On your Android or Apple Device, selecting the U1000's resolution is very easy.

First connect to the Dash Cam via WiFi or Hotspot, and go to the Dash Cam Settings. At the top of the Camera Settings, you will find the setting called "Resolution- Front/Rear". Ensure to click the Back-Arrow in the top left to save.

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