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Upgading from the A129 to the A139 Pro?Updated a year ago

Unfortunately, if you are thinking of upgrading to the VIOFO A139 3-CH from the A129 Series or other VIOFO dual-channel systems, you will need to replace all the existing VIOFO cameras and cables.

New Power Cable

The VIOFO A139 3-CH uses a USB-C power cable with a smaller, reversible connector, which is entirely different from the power cable used by other VIOFO models.  If you are planning on hardwiring the dash cam, you will also need to grab a new hardwiring kit as the old hardwiring cable won't fit into the power port on the A139 3CH.

New Coaxial Cables

The A139 3CH uses an ultra-slim coaxial connecting cable with miniature connectors for the interior and rear cameras. Again, these are also entirely different from the coaxial cables used by other VIOFO dual-channel models.  

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