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What Advanced Drivers Assistance features does the Philips Dash Cam have?Updated 3 months ago

The Philips Dash Cam has a few different Advanced Drivers Assistance (ADAS) features. 

 Stop and Go Reminder

The Philips Dash Cam monitors the vehicle in front of you, and when the vehicle is stopped for a long period of time, it will notify you when it starts moving forward.

 Driver Fatigue Alert

The Philips Dash Cam monitors the vehicle's continuous driving time, notifying the driver to consider taking a break after a long enough driving window.

Collisions Detection

The Philips Dash Cam can detect collisions while driving through its G-sensor. With this, it will automatically bookmark the footage and ensure it is safely stowed away so it won't be automatically recorded over. 

The sensitivity of collision detection can be adjusted in the camera settings. 

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