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What are the compatible accessories of my VIOFO A129 Pro to my VIOFO A139 Pro?Updated a year ago

Power Cables

When upgrading to the A139 Pro, the VIOFO A129 Pro power cables can no longer be used. The cable on the VIOFO A139 Pro has been upgraded to Type-C, whereas the A129 Pro uses a standard Mini USB connection. The old power cables are no longer compatible with the new A139 Pro.


While the  A129 Pro features a 2-inch screen, the A139 Pro lacks a screen. Generally, the design of the A129 Pro differs significantly from that of the A139 Pro, including the mounts, which need to be changed if you’re upgrading. The body of the A139 is longer, but slimmer, allowing it to have a lower profile overall than the A129 Pro. 

The good news is that each package now includes a VIOFO static windshield sticker that can be used on both the A129 Pro and the A139 Pro. Mounts are not compatible, but you can reuse the static sticker perhaps? 

Rear Camera

The A129 Pro and the A139 Pro are both available in front-only and front and rear configurations. However, built with a different design, the rear camera of the A129 Pro is not compatible with the A139 Pro as well. The rear camera of the A139 Pro is built more discrete, premium-looking, and comes with shorter cables which help in keeping the installation nice and neat!

CPL Filter

The A129 Pro and A139 Pro both come with the option of adding a CPL filter to reduce glare and protect the dash cam's lens from scratches and fingerprints. Unfortunately, the A129 Pro’s CPL filter is incompatible with the A139 Pro, which uses an updated CPL filter

The silver lining is that the new CPL filter for the A139 Pro is updated, and will fit directly to the front camera lens, with a much less bulky and noticeable design as the old CPL model. The A129 Pro filter is compatible with the A119 series, while the A139 Pro uses the same CPL filter as the WM1,  A229, and T130 series

Battery Pack 

If you’re using a battery pack for the VIOFO A129 Pro, you can also use it for the A139 Pro as both support parking modes. The PowerCell 8 works best for both dash cams. 

Both cameras will need a spliced power cable to connect the camera to a battery pack, and given that the power cables are different, the spliced cable to connect these models to your battery will need to be changed. 

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