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What are the power duration capabilities of the BI-750?Updated a year ago

The BI-750 has a battery capacity of 7,500 mAh, which is 25% more than the Cellink NEO or the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X. And because of the higher capacity, you can expect a longer power duration from the BI-750. 

A fully charged BI-750 can run a single 1-channel dash cam for up to 48 hours, which a dual-channel system can run for up to 35 hours. Do note that dual-channel Cloud dash cams, like the DR900X will run a shorter parking mode runtime on the BI-750 than a single, non-Cloud dash cam.

A fully charged BI-750 can run a BlackVue DR900X-1CH dash cam for about 30 hours while the dual-channel DR900X-2CH will be a little short of 19 hours with its integrated 96Wh. 

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