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What does the Box of the BlackVue DR770X Box do?Updated a year ago

BlackVue designed the DR770X Box to be a separate unit from the cameras, carrying the BlackVue dash cam's processor, WiFi source, and memory card. 

The DR770X Box has three cameras - one each for the front, rear, and interior. The DR770X cameras are linked via coaxial video cable to the Box, which serves as the recording unit that can be safely stored in the glovebox or under the seat. This means the Box can be easily kept out of sight, preventing a thief from accessing it, while keeping your dash cam footage safe and private.

The power cable and SD card slot are both protected by their own tamper-proof locking cover. Even besides the Box, each camera unit presents its own difficulty to break into, as all three of them come with their own tamper proof casing. This casing prevents the cabling from being unplugged, and the camera taken off the windshield. 

Aside from these additional, physical protection, the BlackVue DR770X Box has innovated security with an alarm. Once the head unit itself has been disconnected from the Box unit, the Box itself will enter into an emergency mode, blaring loud and proud like a true car alarm - loud enough to scare those bad guys trying to break in. is the inclusion of a coin battery-powered, remote Bluetooth button that can be used to trigger Event recordings manually, as a way to easily bookmark important files.

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