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What is the difference between the A129 Plus and the A119 V3?Updated a year ago

Here are the differences between the A129 Plus and the A119 V3:

1. Resolution and Recording Capabilities

  • A119 V3 records at 2K QHD+ 1600p at 30FPS
  • A129 Plus records at 2K QHD 1440p at 60FPS (if using only single-channel)

2. Channels

  • A119 V3 is available only as a single-channel front-only dash cam
  • A129 Plus is available as a single-channel as well as a front-and-rear dual-channel dash cam system

These are the main differences between the two models. Note that the A129 Plus and the A119 V3 uses the same chipset and offers the same 140° field of view.

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