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What is the difference between the DR750-2CH LTE and the DR750S-2CH?Updated a year ago

The DR750-2CH LTE is the DR750S with a built-in nano SIM card reader. Connectivity aside, in terms of image quality and features, the DR750-2CH LTE and the DR750S-2CH are virtually the same. Just like the DR750S, the DR750 LTE uses two Sony STARVIS sensors (front and rear) for great clarity night and day, Full HD 1080p recording at 60 frames per second on the front camera and 30 frames per second on the rear camera. The DR750-2CH LTE also comes with all the DR750S features, including SD card failure alert, sub-stream technology and great parking mode options.

And while the DR750-2CH LTE looks like the DR750S, if you place them side by side, you will notice that the DR750-2CH LTE is actually bigger - to give room for the LTE chip and antennas inside the dash cam. You will also see more vent holes on the DR750-2CH LTE which, combined with internal tweaks, improves heat resistance.

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