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What is the max SD card size?Updated a year ago

The VIOFO A139 3-CH accepts microSD cards up to 256GB.

Please note that the A139 does not come with a microSD card in the box, so you will need to add one to your cart if you do not already have an existing microSD card. If you are upgrading from other VIOFO models (ie. A129 Plus, A129 Pro, A129), you can reuse the microSD card - just make sure to reformat it before using it in the A139.

When deciding which microSD card you need, keep in mind that the A139 3-CH records from 3 cameras so that's more files you need to store on the card.

To give you an idea of how much A139 3-CH footage a microSD card can hold:

Low Bitrate





124 mins

99.4 mins

82.7 mins

72.5 mins


499.2 mins

397.5 mins

330.7 mins

290.2 mins


998.4 mins

795 mins

661.5 mins

580.5 mins

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