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What is the Rear Collision Warning(RCW) Feature?Updated 2 months ago

Only available in the Thinkware U3000, the Rear Collision Warning feature notifies you of any tailgating vehicles within a distance of 5m to 10m for more than 5 seconds. If triggered, it will also save a video of the tailgating. 

To automatically save a video file for the alert, the "Rear Collision Recording" Setting must be enabled in the Dash Cams Road Safety Settings. Here’s how to enable it:

1. Connect to the Dashcam via Bluetooth with the Thinkware Dashcam Link App.

2. Select Dash Cam Settings > Road Safety Settings.

3. Under the RCW (Rear Collision Warning) option, select "enabled".

4. RCW Speed lets you set the minimum speed you must be driving for the Rear Collision Warning to trigger. The Rear Collision Recording setting allows you to enable or disable an automatic RCW recording when triggered.   

4. To complete your modifications, tap the back arrow located in the top-left corner.

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