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Which output cable should I select for my Battery Pack?Updated a year ago

Which output cable should I for my Battery Pack?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before purchasing a battery pack and dash camera. If the incorrect cable is selected, the camera may not work properly, requiring you to either splice some wiring together yourself, or purchase additional cabling. Rest assured that all cabling can be purchased separately here.

Everything listed here applies to all of our currently available batteries.

Female 12V Cigarette Socket Output:

You would connect the Cigarette Lighter Adapter from the camera to this socket. This should be used for BlackVue dash cams and other cameras that switch into parking mode using the G-sensor. These are cameras that switch into parking mode after your vehicle is parked for a few minutes.

If it is preferred that your BlackVue camera immediately goes into parking mode, instead of after a 5-minute delay of the vehicle being idle, you are able to splice the Unspliced 3-wire output cable to a BlackVue hardwire kit, only for new BlackVue X series models. We do not sell this cable pre-spliced.

Spliced Output Cable:

These spliced output cables are unspliced output cables, that we have manually spliced to the hardwire kit for the dash cam mentioned. For example: Power Output cable with Spliced Thinkware hardwire kit. All of our Thinkware dash cams, and Viofo dash cams require this. Rest assured the spliced cable is plug and play, we do all the work for you.

Many of our cameras require a spliced connection, as the camera needs to be sent a signal from the ACC line of the hardwire kit when power is disconnected from the vehicle, so that it knows when to go into parking mode.

Put simply: Some of our cameras need to communicate with the battery for parking mode, the Spliced Output Cable allows for this.

If one of these cameras is powered using the cigarette socket, then it will record as if the vehicle is still in normal mode, drawing significantly more power, using up the battery's power supply much quicker.

Unspliced 3-Wire Hardwire Kit:

If you already have a three-wire (B+, ACC, Ground) hardwire kit, you can splice it to the unspliced output cable for the battery yourself! This is a good option for the DIY-ers out there, or if you are using a brand of camera that we do not supply.

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