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Why should I buy a dash cam battery pack when I can just get a power bank for $30?Updated a year ago

This is extremely important to note if you live in locations that have extreme temperature changes during the Summer & Winter months.
  1. Battery Technology

A lot of power banks nowadays uses lithium-ion batteries, whereas battery packs use LiFePo4 / Lithium Iron Phosphate. When lithium-ion batteries overheat, they tend to expand and possibly even explode. This is why depending on where you're located, ie. Texas / California / New York, where it can get extremely hot during the Summer months, we absolutely do not recommend keeping power banks in your car.

One additional point to note is that we specialize in dash cams that have supercapacitors in them. Supercapacitors are better at withstanding the changing temperatures in your vehicle, and that's the same with a battery pack. A dash cam battery pack can withstand the extreme hot and cold temperatures for your protection.

  1. General Usage

You'll get a lot better recharge cycles & long-term usage. Keeping your dash cam, SD card and your battery pack in your vehicle 24/7 means that they are working non-stop and continuously as you're driving. You want something that won't fail on you over time, so making sure you have the right tools that can handle your constant needs are important.

More importantly, a battery pack can also handle constant power in and power out, ie. being able to charge from your vehicle battery pack, and to your dash cam at the same time, which a power bank will not be able to.

Vortex Radar dives into this even further explaining the watt / voltage differences. Please watch the following video for his explanation - you won't regret it:

  1. Warranty Coverage

Last but not least, using an unapproved power source may void your dash cam warranty, so this is something to be very careful about if you run into issues. The main thing to note is that there is data saved on the dash cam itself that can trace how it receives power, but it's a bit technical, so as long as you follow our warranty guide at BlackboxMyCar, we will have you covered.

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