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Would the DR750-2CH LTE work on a 5G network?Updated a year ago

No, the DR750-2CH LTE not work on a 5G network.

While 5G networks are being built to work with 4G networks, there are changes to the physical parameters to allow for the higher bandwidth and shorter latency. In layman’s terms, the 5G network speaks a different dialect that 4G phones do not understand.

But if you're worried that your 4G-enabled devices (including the DR750-2CH LTE) will become obsolete - remember, 4G came out about 10 years ago, and 3G turn off has just started and will proceed over the next few years. In other words, we wouldn’t worry about anything happening to 4G in the next while, and probably by then, we might see hardware and/or software updates that enable 5G on the dash cam - just like the Moto Mod for the Moto Z3 phone.

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