How do I enable Wintertime Battery Protection on the Thinkware Q800PRO?

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Only applicable for users who have their dash cam hardwired and have parking mode turned on.

Thinkware dash cams have a built-in voltage meter. It is designed for the dash cam to automatically power off in the event voltage level is lower than configured value for more than 5 mins in order to prevent car battery drainage. Winter battery protection sets the dash cam to turn off at 0.2V higher than your setting.

Ensure parking mode is on either Motion detection, time lapse, or energy saving.

  1. Click on Enabled to turn on battery protection feature.
  2. Select the appropriate battery voltage setting.
  3. Select the months where you may experience cold weather. On these selected months, the dash cam will automatically turn off at 0.2V higher than the usual battery voltage.
  4. Once you are done, click on Save to finalize your settings.
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