How should I partition the memory card? (Thinkware)

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Partitioning the Memory Card, allocates a specific percentage of space for each File Type. This is beneficial to make sure that footage is not corrupted when power is lost during an accident, and also extends the lifespan of the SD Card. 

There are 3 Different Options for Partitioning, Continuous, Manual, and Parking. Which mode you should choose, depends on your purpose for using the Dash Cam. 

Type A (Continuous) - save most space for Driving Footage

  • Continuous 60.6%
  • Incident Recording 20%
  • Parking Motion 5%
  • Incident Parking 3%
  • Manual 10%

Type B (Manual) - save the most space for Manual Recordings

  • Continuous 36.3%
  • Incident 15%
  • Parking Motion 5%
  • Incident Parking 3%
  • Manual 40%

Type C (Parking Mode) - save most space for Parking Mode

  • Continuous 53.6%
  • Incident 15%
  • Parking Motion 15%
  • Incident Parking 5%
  • Manual 10%
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