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FAQs for All Thinkware Models

What is the default wi-fi password for my Thinkware dash cam?

The default wi-fi password for all wi-fi Thinkware dash cams is: 123456789. If your phone not accepting this wifi password, please set your phone to airplane mode, and then retry the password. Check out our Dash Cam Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide here.

How do I update the firmware on my Thinkware dash cam?

Firmware updates are released to improve the functions of our dash cams. Firmware updates can enhance the dash cam’s capabilities or fix ongoing issues. Firmware Updates are frequently used for troubleshooting purposes if an issue occurs with the das

How do I achieve Parking Mode with the cigarette lighter adapter for my Thinkware camera?

The car charger (cigarette lighter cable) does not have the necessary wires to put the dash cam into parking mode (if your cigarette socket outlet always has power, this is still heavily not recommended, as the camera will not go into parking mode, a

What mobile app should I use for my Thinkware dash cam?

With a Wi-Fi-enabled dash cam, you will need our mobile app to operate the device. Depending on the model, we have 2 applications for our Thinkware dash cams. Thinkware Dash Cam Link, and Thinkware Cloud. Ensure that you download the correct app for

How do I register my Thinkware Cloud dash cam?(Older models)

This guide is for Thinkware Cloud users, looking to set up the cloud for the first time. This guide is applicable to the following models:  F800PRO, Q800PRO, QA100 Elite and U1000. If you are using the Thinkware CONNECTED app, you will need our other

What is the typical lifespan of a memory card?

MicroSD cards are consumable items. Due to the stress and build up of bad blocks (spaces on the memory card that files can no longer be stored at) and the aggressive constant overwriting cycles, SD's typically have a lifetime of 8-12 months with regu

Can you turn off all the audio notifications on a Thinkware dash cam?

We have received a lot of feedback from our customers that they often find that Thinkware has too many notifications from their dash cams and that it can get annoying over time. We hear your concerns, and we have provided that feedback to Thinkware a

How should I partition the memory card? (Thinkware)

Partitioning the Memory Card, allocates a specific percentage of space for each File Type. This is beneficial to make sure that footage is not corrupted when power is lost during an accident, and also extends the lifespan of the SD Card. There are 3

Can I format the memory card inside my Thinkware Dashcam?

Yes, you can!. You will hear a voice notification that the memory card will be formatted. You will hear a voice notification that the memory card will be formatted. All Thinkware cameras can have the SD card formatted through the Thinkware mobile app

How do I reset my Thinkware dash cam?

Below are the 2 buttons used to reset each model of dash cam. Hold both the buttons until the device begins to beep. The camera will then reboot, reverting back to default.

I accidentally installed my rear dash cam the wrong way and now my rear footage is recording upside down. Is there a setting to rotate the image through the Thinkware mobile app?

Unfortunately, you will have to re-install and flip the camera around manually. Thinkware Cloud doesn't give you a way to flip the camera through the app. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your

How do I share my dash cam footage from my Thinkware dash cam?

Whether you had a near miss with a deer or came out to a scratch the size of Africa on your door you have dash cam footage to show exactly what happened. Every Thinkware user needs to know how to review their dash cam footage. We are going to show yo

How do I disable audio recording for my Thinkware dash cam?

All Thinkware dash cams come equipped with a built-in microphone for recording audio in the cabin. Certain states/provinces in North America have strict laws which require all parties in the vehicle to consent to any audio recording. There are curren

Why can't I disable some notifications on my Thinkware dash cam?

While you can disable most of voice notifications, you cannot disable the following notification for security purposes: All red light and safety features, “Regularly format the micro SD card for data integrity", "Parking mode report" (Except for the

What are the different ways to power your Thinkware Dash Cam?

Since Thinkware Dash Cams do not feature a built-in Battery, they require a power source to function. Thinkware dash cams come standard with a car charger which plugs into the 12V outlet in your vehicle. This cable powers the dash cam in Continuous M

How does Parking Mode work?

Do you want the dash cam to record incidents when you are away from the vehicle? This is an option that is built-in to all Thinkware Dash Cams. This feature is only available with optional Hardwiring Cable or OBD-II Cable installation. Parking Mode w

What are the max SD card capacity for Thinkware dash cams?

Please be advised that Thinkware memory cards are highly recommended as it is the only brand that is guaranteed to be compatible with our dashcams. Even though non-Thinkware brand memory card meet the microSD card requirements, each manufacturer uses

Do I have to be in my car if I want to use my Thinkware dash cam's wi-fi?

Yes, you have to be within your Thinkware dash cam's intranet in order to connect to your phone's wi-fi. However, if your dash cam is Cloud-compatible, meaning that you have connected a mobile hotspot to your dash cam to be connected to the Internet

What are the different recording modes on Thinkware Dash Cams?

All Thinkware Dash Cams come equipped with various recording modes that can be tailored to you. All our devices offer various Parking Mode options which can be configured based on your needs. In addition to Parking Modes, Thinkware cameras all have C

How do I connect to my Thinkware dash cam via mobile hotspot?

Completing a Hotspot Connection on any of our Cloud-based Dash Cams (F800PRO, Q800PRO, QA100 ELITE, U1000) completes registration for the Thinkware Cloud Features. You must connect via Hotspot to your Dash Cam to use the Thinkware Cloud Features. To

How do I rotate the rear camera footage on my Thinkware dash cam?

Are you experiencing upside-down footage when reviewing the Thinkware dash cam? This indicates that the rear camera was installed backwards, but don't worry, with an easy settings chance, this can be fixed. Go to Dash Cam Settings > Camera Settings >

Would I get a lot longer battery if parking mode is set to Time Lapse mode and does Time Lapse mode in Thinkware have "buffered parking" like Blackvue?

Yes in theory, you'll be able to stay in parking mode for a longer period of time while in Time Lapse mode. However, we wouldn't recommend it for Thinkware dash cams as you wouldn't be able to have buffered parking. We'd recommend using Motion Detect

What are the versions of Thinkware’s Super Night Vision?

The first variation of Super Night Vision is called Super Night Vision 1.0. This comes with the Thinkware F200, F200 Pro, and X700 dash cam models. With the Super Night Vision 1.0, while in parking mode, the Thinkware dash cam uses its lens and compu

What is Parking Mode Waiting Time in my Thinkware?

Parking Mode Waiting Time is a new convenience feature that lets you set a specific time when Parking Mode will activate after switching off the vehicle's ignition. The options available are 30 Seconds, 1 Minute,  2 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 4 Minutes, and

Which Thinkware dash cameras have built-in Bluetooth?

As of September 2023, Thinkware has three dash camera models that have built-in Bluetooth for easier pairing - the Thinkware U3000, Thinkware Q1000 and the Thinkware F70 Pro. With Thinkware’s built-in Bluetooth connection, pairing to your smartphone

Can I access Thinkware CONNECTED on a web browser?

Yes, you can access the Thinkware CONNECTED on both the smartphone app as well as your mobile and desktop browser. The dashboard on the desktop version gives you more information like all registered dash cams, driving routes, status of the vehicles.

How do I register my Thinkware Camera for the Thinkware Connected app?

When you open the Thinkware Connected app, it will inform you that you need to register the Thinkware camera before use. To register your camera to the Thinkware Connected app, you must first connect the camera to the internet, through the Thinkware