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What are the versions of Thinkware’s Super Night Vision?Updated a year ago

Thinkware Super Night Vision 1.0 

The first variation of Super Night Vision is called Super Night Vision 1.0. This comes with the Thinkware F200, F200 Pro, and X700 dash cam models. 

With the Super Night Vision 1.0, while in parking mode, the Thinkware dash cam uses its lens and computing power advancements to revolutionize nighttime recording. The system also captures more detail at night using ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and real-time image processing, further protecting your vehicle while parked.

Thinkware Super Night Vision 2.0 

Thanks to Super Night Vision 2.0, this feature also employs Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to capture clear, visible video in any situation. 

While the Super Night Vision 1.0 only covers while in parking mode, the 2.0 version is active regardless if it’s parked or in driving mode. You can activate this while in Continuous Recording Mode and expect premium video quality even when driving on dimly lit roads. The Thinkware U1000 is equipped with this. 

Thinkware Super Night Vision 3.0 

Super Night Vision 3.0 is added in Thinkware dash cams such as the X1000 and the Q1000 models. Thinkware's advancements in low-light recording technology outperform its predecessors' night-time performance, allowing you to record night drives with true colors and minimal noise. 

What makes it better than 1.0 and 2.0 is the multi-exposure HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature that captures the most detail in high-contrast scenes and corrects exposure levels when a subject is too dark or too bright - also active in both parking and driving modes. 

Thinkware Super Night Vision 4.0

Boasting the highest sensitivity and lowest noise technology especially in dark environments, Thinkware just launched the industry’s most advanced, the Super Night Vision 4.0. Carrying the most advanced features, the only Thinkware dash cam that has this is the Thinkware U3000 4K UHD camera with Sony STARVIS 2 image technology. 

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