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What are the different recording modes on Thinkware Dash Cams?Updated a year ago

Thinkware’s Various Recording Mode

All Thinkware Dash Cams come equipped with various recording modes that can be tailored to you. All our devices offer various Parking Mode options which can be configured based on your needs. In addition to Parking Modes, Thinkware cameras all have Continuous, Incident and Manual Recording modes.

Continuous Recording – Records constantly while driving

When you power up any Thinkware Dash Cam the camera will begin Continuously Recording.

  • Automatically triggered by starting the vehicle's ignition with the Car Charger or the Hardwiring Cables.
  • Records in 1 Minute Segments
  • Rear Cam records simultaneously with the Front Cam (optional accessory required) 
Incident Recording – Begins an Incident Clip if an accident occurs while driving

Thinkware Dash Cams come standard with a built-in Gyro-sensor which detects impacts while on the road.

  • Incident Recording Mode is combined with Continuous Recording Mode
  • Built-in G-Sensor detects accidents
  • When the sensor is triggered the video file will be saved in the Event Recording Folder
  • The Event Recording Folder saves only Incident Recordings which makes locating that crucial accident footage easy.
Manual Recording – Manually begin a video clip when you see something Video Worthy while driving

 We recognize that some moments while driving are worth keeping, thus all Thinkware Dash Cam models come with Manual Recording Mode.

  • Also combined with the Continuous Recording Mode
  • All Thinkware Dash Cams have an easy to access Manual Record Button
  • When the Manual Record button is pressed the Dash Cam will record a 1 Minute Clip
  • Manual Recording Files are saved solely in the Manual Folder
Parking Mode – Records any incidents while away from the vehicle

All Thinkware Dash Cams come standard with Parking Mode Built-in. With Parking Mode enabled you can put your mind at ease knowing that your vehicle will be protected while you are away.

  • Requires Hardwiring Installation to the fuse box of the vehicle to provide the Dash  Cam  power with the ignition off
  • Cannot use the Car Charger to activate Parking Mode
  • Detects Motion and Impacts while away from the vehicle
  • Stores all Parking Files in the Parking Recording Folder
  • Built-in Voltmeter and Timer to prevent battery drainage
  • Choice Between Motion and Impact Detection, TimeLapse or Energy Savings Mode
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