Where are Nexar Drives and Clips saved?

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The Nexar app: While you drive, your rides are streamed to the Nexar app and saved on your phone’s memory. By default, Nexar uses up to 50% of your phone’s available storage to store driving footage (you can modify this on the app’s settings). Once the designated storage space on the app gets full, newer drives replace older ones. Important moments (Clips) from your ride are uploaded to your Nexar cloud account and stored permanently. 

Your Nexar cloud account: While you drive, Nexar detects irregular road events, such as collision or hard brakes. These events are automatically trimmed from the full drive video and backed up to your Nexar cloud account

Internal memory: Your rides are saved on the camera's internal memory (SD card) on a loop basis. Once your SD card's memory is full, older footage is replaced by newer footage. Don't worry, by the end of each drive, you can trim a clip that is uploaded immediately and saved permanently in the Nexar Cloud.

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