Does tint affect dash cams?

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In many ways, tints on vehicles will have a comparable effect as sunglasses. During the day it may reduce glare but won't compromise video quality at all. At night however, tints do tend to restrict how much light gets through to the sensor thus there will be less detail picked up by the camera.

As long as your tint is not the darkest (20% or lower) you should see no degradation in performance of your dash camera. The only real worry when it comes to window tints, is ensuring the placement of your dash camera is 100% correct, as you want to avoid peeling the double sided mounting adhesive on a tinted window, as you run the high risk of damaging the window tint film (peeling it off or tearing it). 

Check out our sample footage of a dash cam mounted on a 5% tinted windshield.

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