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FAQs For All Dash Cams

See our most frequently-asked questions about dash cams in general.

Can you use a rear dash cam as a backup cam?

Technically, it is possible by using the app viewer to preview what your rear dash cam looks like to see it in real-time, but it is a tedious process in setting that up every time. We would not recommend this for several reasons:. We recommend gettin

What is an LCD screen dash camera?

An LCD screen dash camera is one that is equipped with an LCD screen for viewing recorded video footage and setting up the camera. Generally LCD screen dash cameras are easier to use and do not require the use of a smartphone to review footage in the

My Car Isn't Driven Much But I Want Parking Mode Recording

Parking mode recording is made possible either by hardwiring the dash cam to the vehicle’s fusebox or through a battery pack. Power is drawn from one of these sources to the dash cam to enable parking mode. Premium dash cams are smart enough to not r

Will a dash camera drain my vehicle battery?

It depends on what type of dash cam you're using. If the camera is installed and connected to the ignition circuit for main power, the dash camera will never drain your battery. Pro: Never have a dead battery. Con: You will not have parking mode reco

Does tint affect dash cams?

In many ways, tints on vehicles will have a comparable effect as sunglasses. During the day it may reduce glare but won't compromise video quality at all. At night however, tints do tend to restrict how much light gets through to the sensor thus ther

Do your dash cams allow all-time recording and overwrite the older videos by itself when the SD card is full?

Yes, all of our dash cams do have a feature known as loop recording, so yes, it does automatically delete older videos by itself once the SD card storage runs out. However, our dash cams, especially Thinkware, do have a parking mode feature where vid

Can I use the USB outlet in my vehicle to power the dash cam?

Unfortunately, this is not something we would recommend as the USB power source in some vehicles can only provide upwards of ~500mA to ~550mA worth of current, which is not enough to power a dash cam where it requires at least 12V from a cigarette li

Which dash cam do you recommend for extended parking mode?

To get about 7 days worth of parking mode, we recommend pairing the Thinkware U1000 with a Thinkware RADAR for energy saving parking mode and a battery pack like the Cellink NEO. With this setup dash cam + radar + battery setup, it's possible to exte

is it possible to turn off the parking mode when hardwired with the hardwire cable?

Certainly! If your dash cam comes with a mobile app, you can turn off Parking Mode via the app. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact

Can I use the rear to record the inside?

Rear-facing cameras lacks the true infrared night vision that is needed to provide quality in-cabin recording. If you park in a pitch black area like a closed garage with no lighting, the rear-facing dash cam will not be able to pick up anything. Rea

Do 4K dash cams give you significantly better quality at 1080p and 720p?

Indeed it does. 4K is known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), which gives you video quality that is 4X clearer than the standard 1080p. To be specific, 4K resolution is exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels, whilst 1080P consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels. We always

Is it possible to turn off parking mode?

Absolutely. You can always do that within your dash cam's mobile app settings. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our support team

What is the recording capacity of my memory card? How much can I record on my SD card?

To start, this can be a very complicated question to answer because there are a number of factors involved in properly estimating how much your memory card can record. These factors include the memory card capacity, bitrate and even the dash cam itse

If I drive an offroad vehicle, what's the best way to ensure that my dash cam footage is smooth?

This is going to be a tough one because with the stiff suspension, your ride is going to be quite shaky! However, here are our best tips for your setup. In general, our cameras can be used for offroading as they are made to hold up for this kind of r

Can I use my rear camera as a passenger camera instead?

Absolutely. By simply placing the You can use the rear camera as a passenger camera, but it won't have IR capabilities, meaning that your footage at night will be difficult to watch properly. IR dash cams have little lights positioned around the oute

Should you use a Go Pro as a dash cam?

Starting off with the pros of the GoPro as a dash cam, we have camera quality and lens view angle. The GoPro not only excels in these departments, it’s one of the better cameras you can buy for high-quality, ultra-wide angles. Additionally, looped re

Can I mount my dash cam on the black dots on my windshield?

The black dots on the windshield, sometimes referred to as a "dot matrix", is known in the auto industry as a frit. Part of the function is to assist with the seal for the glass while the section behind the rearview mirror helps to block the sun in t

Why do dash cams record in clips, and not one long continuous file?

Dash cams record continuously as you drive and monitor occurrences on the road. These cameras record in video files that are, depending on the model, 1 to 3 minutes long.Customers have expressed their dismay that this format makes it more difficult t

Can more than one person concurrently connect to the camera via the Thinkware phone app at once? I share a car.

Unfortunately, only one person can connect to the Thinkware mobile app at a time. However, you can share the same account with more than one person, so as long as you're on the Thinkware dash cam's wi-fi network, then you will both be able to review

If IR dash cams are better at capturing in total darkness, can I use it to record the back of the vehicle?

You could, but we would not recommend doing so. IR dash cams are fitted with infrared LEDs, which job is to illuminate the camera’s field of view with infrared light. If the IR dash cam is mounted up against the windshield (pointing through the glass

What is a WiFi dash camera?

A WiFi equipped dash camera is one which is equipped with WiFi connection as a feature. A dash camera with WiFi will also come with a downloadable smartphone (Android or iOS) app which you can use to:. In order to connect to the camera using the WiFi

Are there any dash cams that only works on batteries? I hate all the wires.

Unfortunately, they do not make dash cams that does not have all the wires. Reason is because the battery would not last longer than a day or two, and you'll have to charge them all over again. What you could do is hide the wires within the pillars.

Does rear camera have any motion detection?

While the motion detectors are only in the front-facing camera, should the detectors be triggered, both the front and rear-facing cameras will start recording to give you a comprehensive front and back of vehicle view of the incident. Did you know th

4K or 60FPS, which is more important?

Both resolution and frame rate play an important part in the viewing experience of your dash cam footage video, and choosing resolution vs. frame rate often means choosing between how crisp you want your video to look and whether or not you plan to i

Where can I download the Desktop Viewer and Mobile App for BlackSys CH-200

The Blacksys dash cam uses the Lukas mobile app and you can download it:. You can download the Blacksys Desktop Viewer for your BlackSys dash cam:. To download the Desktop Viewer for your BlackSys CH-100B dash cam:. We love hearing from our customers

Which dash cam is best for rideshare drivers?

Whether you’re currently a cab driver or you’re driving for Uber and Lyft, chances are, you would have heard about the benefits of having an IR dash cam on board. However, if you are new to rideshare, you may have a lot of questions on which dash cam

Is the footage in black & white when recording with an IR rear dash camera?

The IR camera footage isn't exactly black and white. The interior of your vehicle will appear more greyscale like (with a hint of purple) but if there's light outside of the vehicle, there will be some visible colours. We love hearing from our custom

Can I use a Cloud dash cam to manage my fleet?

Yes, a Cloud-ready dash cam can help you manage your fleet. The advancement of technology, particularly GPS and Cloud connectivity, has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and efficiencies. For instance, fleet managers can now make route alt

What amp fuse should I tap into to hardwire my dashcam?

Dashcams typically draw at less than 1A, so it doesn't really matter (between 5A-30A). We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our supp

Wire Free Dashcams - Are these available on the market?

Currently, there are no wireless dash cams available on the market. Many new dash cam users believe connecting the rear camera to the front camera wirelessly should be an option as they are unwilling to tamper with the interior of their vehicles when

Which among your dash cams have Sony STARVIS 2 image technology?

Welcoming 2023, we have launched two new 4K dash cams namely the BlackVue DR970X series and the VIOFO A139 Pro. The latter, which is the more budget-friendly 4K UHD option is what we consider the first dash cam to sport the Sony STARVIS 2 image senso

Which of your dash cams are equipped with Sony STARVIS 2?

As of mid 2023, the dash cams we carry that have Sony STARVIS 2 are the VIOFO A139 Pro (available in single, dual, and triple channels) and the Thinkware U3000 (available in single and dual-channels). We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love

Why are there light streaks in my dash cam video?

Noticed light streaks in your dash cam videos? Long light streaks in your dash cam video can sometimes be caused by factors related to your windshield. This can include the curvature of the windshield or substances like dust, dirt, or smudges on its

Are Windshield Reflectors bad for my Dash Cam?

Windshield reflectors might be useful, but not if you have a dash cam or any device installed in your windshield. We do not recommend having a Dash Cam or similar device on your windshield when using a windshield Reflector. Unfortunately, since winds

Why does my new dash cam show unclear footage?

If your brand new dash cam is not providing proper image quality, there are a few different things to check. For further information on the factors that go into image quality, check out our article here:

My SD card is stuck in "Read-Only" mode!

Your microSD card stuck in Read-Only Mode? Here's a little trick for you.

Why am I getting a battery drain warning message?

Getting a Battery Drain Warning message on your vehicle dashboard? That's actually a common thing in many of luxury vehicles, such as BMW, Range Rover/Land Rover, and MINI and more. Learn what it means and what to do about it.

My dash cam and battery pack doesn't know when to switch to parking mode!

Learn what you need to switch your dash cam from Continuous mode to Parking mode.

My dash cam memory card won't format. What should I do?

If your SD card will not format, and/or you are getting an error message when formatting, it is most likely that your SD card is corrupted, and no longer usable.Some additional tips to ensure your SD card is faulty:. An SD card becoming write-protect