My vehicle has a removable rear window! What mounting suggestions do you have to install my rear dash cam?

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For vehicles that have removable rear windows or plastic rear windows, it can be difficult to find a location to mount your rear dash cam. In scenarios like these, we wouldn't recommend using a suction cup mount nor mounting tape as they just won't stick permanently to the rear headliner.

That said, we would recommend getting an external rear camera like the BlackVue DR750S-IR Truck dash cam where you can have an external rear camera mounted on the outside of the rear of your vehicle.

Note that we typically recommend this solution for pickup and cargo trucks where the rear window is difficult to see out of, but this is also a viable solution for vehicles with removable rear windows. That said, do note that you will have to drill holes into the rear of your vehicle to properly mount the dash cam.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for help.

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