Why can't I disable some notifications on my Thinkware dash cam?

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While you can disable most of voice notifications, you cannot disable the following notification for security purposes: All red light and safety features, “Regularly format the micro SD card for data integrity", "Parking mode report" (Except for the F800 and Pro).

While it can be bothersome, it is a security feature designed to let you know the recording status of dash cam, to minimize build up of bad blocks on memory card, if any incidents occurred while parked and alert you of any potential errors that could prevent important footage from being saved securely.

Every few weeks or so, you will receive a notification "Format your memory card for data integrity". To get rid of the reminder, you will need to format the memory card. The notification is there as a reminder to format the memory card to minimize buildup of bad blocks and to lengthen the longevity of the memory card.

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