How does Parking Mode work?

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Do you want the dash cam to record incidents when you are away from the vehicle? This is an option that is built-in to all Thinkware Dash Cams. This feature is only available with optional Hardwiring Cable or OBD-II Cable installation.

Parking Mode will not work with the standard 12V Car Charger even with an outlet with constant power. The Thinkware hardwiring kit and OBD-II Cable have 3 wires (ground, accessory and constant) where the accessory wire allows the dash cam to detect a switch in voltage so that it can switch from continuous mode to parking mode which is not possible with the standard Car Charger. 

To enable Parking Mode first install the Hardwiring  or OBD-II Cable to the vehicles fuse box. Next insure that Parking Mode has been enabled in the Record Settings.

We also recommend enabling the Battery Protection Setting and the Voltage Cut Off to insure minimal battery drainage. 

To learn more about parking mode, check out our Parking Mode page.

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