How do I format my microSD card? (Nextbase)

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You can re-format the card by two methods;

  • On the Dash Cam Itself
  • On a Computer

On the Dash Cam:

  1. Turn on the Dash Cam
  2. Stop it recording
  3. Open Settings
  4. Go into Setup
  5. Click Format
  6. Follow the instructions.

On a Computer:

  1. Plug the SD card into the SD card port, or plug the provided USB cable into the port on the top of the camera.
  2. When the drive appears, right click on the drive.
  3. Select 'Format' (Windows) or 'Erase' (Mac)
  4. Do not click the 'Quick Format box'. Please ensure it's formatted as exFAt or FAT32.
  5. Follow the instructions.
Please be aware that formatting the SD card will delete all the data on the card, so if you wish to keep any footage, please copy this across to a computer before you start the formatting process.

We recommend reformatting the SD card every 2-3 weeks to prolong the life of the card.

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