How do I enable/disable Parking Mode on the Thinkware Q800PRO?

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To enable parking mode, you are required to have your dash cam hardwired. Having parking mode on will allow your dash cam to continue recording videos when your vehicle ignition is off.

Option 1: Motion detection – Initiates a recording when there is motion present in front of a camera lens or impact to the vehicle.

Option 2: Time lapse – Records 1 frame per second (a 1 min clip equals 15 mins in real time), provides you a continuous parking surveillance recording.

Option 3: Energy Saving – Enters “sleep mode” during parking mode to conserve car battery life and “wakes up” when an impact is detected to save the footage instantaneously.

  1. Ensure parking mode is on either Motion detection, time lapse, or energy saving.
  2. Once you are done, click on Save to finalize your setting.
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