How does the dash cam record in parking mode?

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All BlackVue dash cams turn to Parking Mode automatically by default once the vehicle is stationary for a few minutes. If the car is parked and engine is turned off, the dash cam will keep recording only if it is hardwired to the car's battery using Power Magic Pro or connected to Power magic battery pack.

The BlackVue keeps recording all the time in Parking Mode, but without writing to the microSD card.

The video is recorded only if a motion or an impact is detected, creating a video file that starts 5 seconds before the triggering event (using the buffer memory) and saving that file to the memory card.

If you want the dash cam to be recording during Parking mode all the time, just like in Normal mode (Driving mode), you can disable the "Auto switching to Parking mode" in dash cam/firmware settings -> Basic settings -> Recording settings.

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