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FAQs for All BlackVue models

What is the length of the rear cable for the DR900S-2CH/DR750S-2CH/DR590W-2CH?

The 2-Channel BlackVue dash cam systems come with a 6m (approx. 20 ft) rear camera connecting cable. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or co

How do I turn off the LEDs on the dash cam?

You can turn on / off the dashcam's LEDs in the dashcam/firmware settings -> System -> LED. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our

How do I access / configure the dash cam's settings / firmware settings?

Only if your dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi. Only Cloud supported dash cams have the feature of accessing the recordings and dashcam/firmware settings remotely. *Make sure that the dash cam and the smartphone are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi hotspot

Do I have to be connected to the BlackVue Wi-Fi every time that I want my dash cam to record?

Not at all! You only need to connect to the BlackVue wi-fi when you want to review your footage on the phone app. Otherwise, your dash cam will automatically start recording when you turn on your vehicle ignition, or just keep recording 24/7 if you h

How do I connect my smartphone to my BlackVue via WiFi?

If you are a long-time BlackVue user or have recently purchased a BlackVue dash cam, one of the features that may have persuaded you to shop a BlackVue is its dedicated mobile app – the app that enables you to watch, download, and share your road tri

What is the default password for my BlackVue dash cam?

The default wi-fi password for your BlackVue device is found on the front unit after you remove it from the front mount. You will see the SSID, which is the wi-fi network name, as well as the default password. It is different for every camera. If you

How can I watch / download / export the recorded videos?

Only Cloud supported dashcams have the feature of accessing the recordings remotely. Make sure that the dashcam and the smartphone are connected to internet (Wi-Fi hotspot). 1. Open the BlackVue app. Select INTERNAL MEMORY. 2. Select the video you wa

What does Manual Recording mean?

Manual recording is a feature of BlackVue dash cams (with built-in Proximity sensor) that creates a separate Event recording file (starting 5 seconds before it was triggered) when the sensor is touched, or a finger is waved within 20mm of the sensor.

How does the dash cam record in parking mode?

All BlackVue dash cams turn to Parking Mode automatically by default once the vehicle is stationary for a few minutes. If the car is parked and engine is turned off, the dash cam will keep recording only if it is hardwired to the car's battery using

BlackVue dash cam error message "no SD card, restarting" when using 3rd party card.

The only way to get your BlackVue dash cam to initially recognize a 3rd party SD card would be to format it using the BlackVue PC viewer. Once it has been formatted and then put back into the BlackVue system, it should annouce "initiallizing SD card"

Does BlackVue have an OBD cable?

There used to be an older OBD cable called the PMEZ for older BlackVue S series models, but this is no longer sold, and not compatible with X series BlackVue cameras. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further i

Can I use the Power Magic Pro (PMP) with the new DR900X/DR750X?

If you are upgrading from the S-series to the new X-series and you already have the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) installed, you can actually keep using it. All you needed to do is swap out the old male cigarette power adaptor cable with the one inc

How do I adjust the point of view in my BlackVue camera without a screen?

You can easily adjust the point of view of your dahscam on all models with Wi-Fi connection. Please follow these steps:. 1 - Turn on your dashcam's WIFI. 2 - Connect your mobile phone to the dashcam's WIFI SSID. 3 - Go on the BlackVue's Mobile App an

Can I use my iPhone / Android phone as a mobile hotspot?

It is entirely possible to use your iPhone / Android phone as a mobile hotspot for your BlackVue dash camera!. With that being said, the camera would lose connection to the cloud once the phone leaves the car, making it not ideal for a constant cloud

My third party SD card is not working with my BlackVue camera.

BlackVue cameras are very picky with the format of their SD cards, requiring the card to be formatted into FAT32 to work. Formatting through the BlackVue PC viewer is recommended. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback

Are my BlackVue cables compatible with new BlackVue models?

Many BlackVue cables are compatible between the different models, this guide should help you determine which cables need replacing, and which ones can stay. The Front/Back Coaxial Cable, is the more common BlackVue rear connector cable. This works fo

How does the voltage monitor work in my BlackVue dash cam?

The voltage monitor in a BlackVue dash cam analyzes your vehicle’s battery voltage level. When you hardwire your dash cam to your car’s fuse box, the dash cam constantly monitors the voltage coming from your vehicle. Using the BlackVue App, you can c