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How do I connect my smartphone to my BlackVue via WiFi?Updated a year ago

If you are a long-time BlackVue user or have recently purchased a BlackVue dash cam, one of the features that may have persuaded you to shop a BlackVue is its dedicated mobile app – the app that enables you to watch, download, and share your road trip and footage; and the BlackVue Cloud. We understand how you can't say no to features like instant alert notifications, two-way communication, live auto upload, video backup, and event map - we all do!

The BlackVue app is simple to use, but you must first secure your connection in order to fully utilize the dash cam and app. We'll show you how to connect to the BlackVue app which is now ever-convenient with the new Seamless Pairing technology. 

  1. Download the BlackVue app in the App Store or Google Play, here’s what you need to do to connect: 
    1. In the BlackVue app, tap “Connect to camera
    2. The BlackVue app scans for your dash cam and automatically detects it (as long as it is powered and your phone's Bluetooth is on, of course).
    3. You confirm the connection by tapping the side of the dash cam with the proximity sensor.
    4. And that’s it. You are now connected and the dash cam is saved in your app for an even easier connection later.
      • Next time you want to connect via Wi-Fi, your BlackVue camera name will be listed. Pressing on the camera name will automatically cause your phone to search for, and connect to the BlackVue network.

Here's a video tutorial by BlackVue:

What about the BlackVue models that don't support Seamless Pairing?

Although BlackVue introduced Seamless Pairing with the DR900X Plus series, the dash cam manufacturer has also updated the firmware of past models (when possible) to support the feature.

In the camera connection section of the BlackVue app, select “Wi-Fi Only Mode”. Next, exit the BlackVue app, and navigate over to the settings of your phone. Choose your BlackVue dashcam from the network list. The dashcam’s default SSID begins with its model number (e.g. BlackVue ****-******).  Enter the password and tap join. The default Wi-Fi SSID and password are printed on the BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE’s label, underneath the mount, or on the interior of the box. 

Once connected, return to the app, and press continue. After this is done, the app will instruct you to leave the app, and disconnect from the camera’s wifi. Please do so, and once done, your camera will be registered in your camera tab of the BlackVue app.

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