My Thinkware GPS is not Connecting

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If the GPS is not connecting when the device is powering on, please note that the GPS signal may not be received in out-of-service areas, or if the product is located between tall buildings.

Also, GPS signal reception may not be available during storms or heavy rain. Try again on a clear day at a location that is known to have a good GPS reception. It may take up to 5 minutes until GPS reception is established. It is recommended to have the vehicle in motion during this time, sometimes the GPS will not connect if the vehicle is not moving.


  1. Connect to the Thinkware App and go to Dash Cam Info.
  2. Select GPS > then the Arrow in the top-right corner to reset.  Ensure the GPS Status says "connecting". 

Wait a few minutes and listen for the message "GPS Connected." 

M1: You can also test by changing the placement of the main unit to ensure the signal is not being interrupted. 

If this process does not work, please contact us at Alternatively, you can contact Thinkware directly at

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