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A229 Pro/Plus

Can I use my old VIOFO dash cam’s cables for the VIOFO A229 Plus and Pro?

Unfortunately, for the new A229 Plus and Pro series, VIOFO has also updated the cables. Turning away from coaxial cables, the A229 Plus and Pro now use USB Type-C ports on both ends of its rear camera connection. You'll need new wires to support your

Does the VIOFO A229 Plus include a CPL filter?

No, the VIOFO A229 Plus doesn’t include a CPL filter, but you can buy one separately. It’s also important to note that CPL filters only work for the unit’s front camera. You can check out the compatible CPL filter here. The A229 Pro does include a CP

Can I use the same GPS mount for my old A129 and A229 with the new VIOFO A229 Pro and Plus?

While the GPS mount appears to be the same as the one used with the A129, the A229 Pro/ Plus have received internal modifications. Due to the improved Ultra-Precise Quad-Mode GPS systems, the A229 Pro/Plus are not compatible with previous mounts. Whi