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Cellink NEO

If I hardwire the Cellink NEO battery pack to my car and connect to my dash cam, will it automatically switch to parking mode if I turn the ignition off?

Yes, it will! The Cellink NEO battery pack is meant to continue providing power to the dash cam even while it is in parking mode. How it works is that the dash cam will detect when your vehicle's ignition is off, and when that happens, it will automa

What is the capacity of the Cellink Neo Extended battery? Can I use two Cellink NEOs together?

The capacity of the Cellink NEO Extended Battery is 6,600 mAh. No, you would need to use the Cellink NEO extended battery pack in order to double the capacity of the main Cellink NEO. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feed

What are the power duration capabilities of the Cellink NEO?

A fully charged Cellink NEO battery pack can run a single 1-channel dash camera for about 45 hours, while a dual-channel system can be run for about 25 hours with its integrated 76.8Wh. This measurement based on continuous runtime and footage quality

Does the Cellink NEO battery pack arrive fully charged?

For transport safety purposes, batteries are never fully charged when they are shipped out. The Cellink NEO usually arrives in a 15% to 25% charged state. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your

What is the difference between hardwiring and using the socket to charge my Cellink NEO battery pack?

The difference is that hardwiring would take about 40 minutes with an 9 AMP hardwire cable that ensures to have efficient charging control. However, when using Cigarette socket it would be running on 5 AMP which would take 1.5 hours to charge. So, we