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Thinkware Multiplexer

Can you choose different video display options with the Thinkware Multiplexer?

The Thinkware MB-100 Multiplexer accessory combines the video signals of two to four cameras into a single 1080p @ 30fps video - like the Thinkware F200 Pro dash cam. Once you activate this, your footage is then fed to the front dash cam, saved on th

How many microSD cards do I need to activate the 5-channel setup with the Thinkware MB Multiplexer?

Because the MB-100 Multiplexer system includes only one front dash camera, only one microSD card is required, inserted into the main unit. The MB-100 Multiplexer’s combined video feed will also be saved in the rear camera video file on the front dash

Can I use a Thinkware MB100 Multiplexer with my Thinkware U3000?

Unfortunately, the MB100 won’t work with the U3000. The interface to the MB100 is analogue whereas the connection between the front and rear cameras of the Thinkware U3000 is digital. Moreover, the U3000 rear camera is a 2K camera. The MB100 outputs