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BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive Display Firmware update v4.2.5Updated a month ago

SDRIVE10 Firmware Update Instructions Manual.pdf133.6KB

Download the Firmware, and PhoenixCard here:

This firmware update for the BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive Display fixes issues with some phone models, and overhauls the UI of the S-Drive to a much more stylish and intuitive interface. 

Furthermore, the latest version, "20240605," directly addresses Apple Airplay issues, completely resolving them. 

How to update:

  1. Download the 2 files—20240605 _V1_SH_BLACKBOXMYCAR.img and the PhoenixCard v4.2.5 zip file—onto your PC or laptop.
  2. Unzip the file to a location of your choice. (Remember where you unzipped it!
  3. Insert the SD Card into your PC/Laptop with an SD card adapter.
  4. Locate the PhoenixCard folder that you unzipped earlier and run the PhoenixCard application. 
  5. Once the app has been opened, click "Image" on the top left-hand side. 
  6. Locate and select the 20240605 _V1_SH_BLACKBOXMYCAR.img file that contains the firmware update.
  7. Make sure "Work Type" is set to "Product", then click "Burn."
  8. Once the "Burn" is complete, remove the SD Card from your PC/Laptop and insert it back into your S-Drive system.
  9. Power on your S-Drive system, and you'll see the firmware status bar. It will take 5-6 minutes to complete.
  10. Once the status bar is gone and the screen goes blank, you can now power off the device and remove the SD Card.
  11. Insert the SD Card back into your PC/Laptop.
  12. Hit "Restore" on the PhoenixCard application, and it will restore the SD Card to its original state. Alternatively, simply format the SD card with any third-party formatter. Your SD card should be returned to its original state and free to use with any device. 

Power up the S-Drive, and you're done! 

Returning to the old UI: 

If you would like to stick with the classic UI instead of the new one, while still benefiting from the latest software fixes, please download the following file from the google drive link:  T86BA_1026_1600X600M35_CPAPAAMC_20240422_V1_SH_BLACKBOXMYCAR.img 

Then repeat the firmware update process above. 

Alternative downloads: 

PhoenixCard v4.2.5 -

Firmware Img File -

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