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BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display

BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive Carplay Display Manual

Here you can view the manual for the S-Drive Carplay display, please click on the link.

Does the BBMC S-Drive Display have Parking Mode functions?

No, the BBMC S-Drive Display doesn’t have parking mode functions. It doesn’t need to be hardwired, so you can use it by simply connecting with the cigarette lighter adapter. Thanks for stopping by!. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love t

Why is there no sound coming from the S-Drive Display?

This can happen for a couple of reasons – either from your device’s settings or cables. We recommend you check the volume settings on both the unit and your smartphone. Ensure the audio source is selected correctly (e.g., Carplay/Auto, Speaker, FM, A

Why are the Voice control commands for my S-Drive not working?

Firstly, please ensure that voice control is enabled in the settings. Speak clearly and use the correct voice commands as defined in the settings. Ensure that the separate microphone setting is enabled as well. You may also check for any background n

Do I need to download apps separately on the S-Drive Display?

Downloading apps is not necessary, as the apps on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) will automatically show up once you pair them with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Simply swiping side to side in the CarPlay/Android Auto sections of the S-Drive d

How do I see the view from my S-Drive Rear Backup Camera?

For the S-Drive’s rear backup camera, the real-time view will be sent to the 10-inch display when the vehicle is put into reverse, viewing all reversing details on the display along with guiding angles. This is through wiring the backup camera to the

Will the S-Drive work even if I don’t install the Rear Backup Camera?

Yes, the S-Drive Display will work smoothly, even if you don’t install the rear backup camera. Not using the backup camera will not affect the front display in any negative way. The backup camera can optionally be installed as a traditional rear dash

BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive Display Firmware update v4.2.5

Download the Firmware, and PhoenixCard here: This firmware update for the BlackboxMyCar 10" S-Drive Display fixes issues with some phone models, and overhauls the UI of the S-D

Can the S-Drive connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth simultaneously?

While it enables seamless switching between devices, the first phone's connection must be disconnected before connecting the second. In practice, this implies that you can connect from one device to another by disconnecting the first phone and connec